County Line Auto Parts reserves the right to provide warranty repair at a facility of its choice.
Warranty is void without receipt, no refunds on warranty premiums.
New or remanufactured engine & transmissions are covered by the manufacturer warranty.
Any part purchased with out a labor warranty will only warrant the part.
There is a restocking fee for any items special ordered or for any vehicle cuts.
30 days to return items if they are not needed.
Parts installed in vehicles used for fleet or commercial purposes will be limited to 30,000 miles of coverage.
Parts installed in vehicles that are raced or used off-road are not covered by this warranty.
Parts installed in vehicles with modifications, including but not limited to the installation of parts not originally intended for the vehicle by its manufacturer, are not covered by this warranty.
If a customer purchases a replacement part before County Line Auto Parts, County Line Auto Parts has an opportunity to make good on the warranty, the warranty will be considered void.
Do not remove the part/assembly from the car or disassemble it. Doing so will void your warranty and releases County Line Auto Parts from all obligations.
Allow County Line Auto Parts to inspect the vehicle, part, and installation. This allows us the opportunity to determine the best course of action.
All parts & assemblies that use oil or fluid must be replaced with new fluid and specified by the vehicle manufacturer or all warranties are voided.

Leaks of any fluid are NOT covered under warranty. This includes:

oil, fuel, and coolant. Gaskets and seals should be replaced at customer expense at time of install.
Engines MUST have new oil and filter installed upon installation and every 3000 miles thereafter, and you must maintain proof of same. Replacement recommended parts, then follow up with installer to thoroughly check other parts which may have contributed to the original engine failure. Your used engine should begin operation under the same conditions as the original engine. It is recommended that the parts listed below be replaced at customer expense.
Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Oil Cooler, Thermostat, PCV Valve, Water Pump, Oil Sending Unit, Fuel Filter, Plug Wires/coil packs, Fuel Injectors, Radiator Cap, All Hoses, All Belts, Oxygen sensors, Temperature sensor, Map Sensor, Rear main seal, Oil pan gasket, timing cover gasket, valve cover gasket, cam and crank seals.
Clean out intake and look into the intake and the exhaust ports for any loose nuts or bolts etc. (debris can end up inside of the cylinder will cause the damage and is the sole response responsibility of the installer, debris can get caught inside the intake from a failed engine, causing subsequent failure of the replacement.
Warranty is voided if heat tabs are melted or removed.
This warranty is limited to defects in the case, block, heads, pistons, crankshaft, camshafts, valves, rockers, connecting rods and other internal lubricated parts. All other parts that may be provided are considered “accessories and extra parts”.  No warranty is provided for any such parts that are attached, including, but not limited to, parts such as solenoids, injectors (including diesel injectors), switches, sensors, cables, electronics, coils, plugs, belts, hoses, water pumps, seals and gaskets, or manifolds.
Automatic Transmissions MUST have new front pump seal and output shaft seals, filter, pan gasket & new oil installed upon installation into vehicle. Transmission coolers and lines must be flushed, cleaned, inspected and flow tested, in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.  This includes reviewing the manufacture’s latest technical service bulletins. All programming must be complete at time of install at customer expense.
Manual Transmissions are not covered for sheared teeth or broken shafts as these are considered sign of misuse.
Transfer Cases and Carriers will fall under the same guidelines as the transmissions. Shift motors are sold separately. Rear ends are warranted against excessive noise or “slack”.


County Line Auto Parts labor warranty covers labor charges up to $750.00 maximum at a rate of $50.00 an hour, this is based on Mitchell Labor Time Guide, unless purchased with a premium warranty. Our warranties do not provide payment or reimbursement for incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, including but not limited to the following: 1) Loss of time, income, sales or profit; 2) Towing, lift, dock or storage fees; 3) vehicle rental; 4) Motel or lodging; 5) Phone calls or communication expense; 6) Tune-ups or regularly scheduled maintenance; 7) Injury or death to persons damage or destruction of property. Products repaired or replaced under warranty shall carry the remaining term of the original warranty. All warranty claims must have proof of maintenance records per factory recommendations. Labor cost for removing and replacing the part or transferring parts from the original part to the replacement part is excluded from this warranty unless a labor warranty exists and payout is ONE TIME only. An additional labor warranty can be purchased at the time of part replacement. The warranty period on any part starts at the time of sale, not upon installation.


This document and any invoice and/or sales contract, if any, between the parties, taken together, are the full, final, complete and exclusive expression of the agreement Buyer and County Line Auto Parts with respect to all terms relating to warranties, remedies and damages. County Line Auto Parts has given Buyer no warranty, whether oral or written, other than any warranty which may be expressed in this document. County Line Auto Parts has made no representation to Buyer that any product(s) sold to Buyer pursuant to this agreement is/are fit for any special or particular purpose. BUYER ACCEPTS AND ACKNOWLEDGES THE RISK THAT THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF ANY PRODUCT MAY UNDER SOME CIRCUMSTANCES (WHETHER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCE ARE FORESEEABLE OR NOT) BE OR BECOME IMPOSSIBLE, AND BUYER AGREES AND ACKNOWLEDGES THAT SUCH IMPOSSIBILITY OF REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE RISE TO ANY SUBSTITUTE OR ALTERNATIVE REMEDY OTHER THAN LIQUIDATED DAMAGES IN THE AMOUNT EQUAL TO THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID FOR SUCH IRREPLACEABLE OR IRREPLACEABLE PRODUCT.
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